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Tony Cravello Sr. started providing Public Service Announcements over the radio in the 1990’s. For him it was a way to express concerns, inform, and educate his audience of what’s happening in the ever changing world of Health Care.

Tony Cravello Jr. created this blog forum for self expression and his passion to share knowledge and information that you can take with you. He believed discussing hot topics with informative and factual statements are key. It’s easy to surf the web to seek answers, but are they always true and unbiased? His goal was to bring you information that can be easily understood and digested. To take away factual information that will not only keep you informed, but hopefully keep money in your wallet, live a healthier lifestyle and lead you down the path toward a higher quality of life. 


Insurance dates back to early human society. As social beings, there were verbal and written agreements of mutual aid. At times, these terms were explicit or sometimes

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For many of those new to Medicare, they can get “mega-scared”. Don’t be scared–be informed and feel empowered! After all you are joining thousands

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So you’re 65 or over and enrolled in original Medicare or you’ve opted to get into a private Medicare Advantage Plan.

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Imagine a country with zero crime, no homelessness or Caltrans holding up your morning commute–Imagine. Image a world with unicorns

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